Anpap Oy

Valkeakoski based Anpap Oy builds on the efforts of the Jylhävaara workshop airlaid group of United Paper Mills and the technology group of Walkisoft. During the 1980’s and -90’s, Walkisoft was one of the world’s leading Airlaid producers, developing Airlaid process and machinery at the same time. In 1999, the United Paper Mills Walkisoft was aquired by a US based company, Buckeye Technologies Inc (after Buckeye, Georgia-Pacific, now Glatfelter). After the deal, Walkisoft technology unit became Buckeye Technologies Finland. After Buckeye’s acquisition of Walkisoft, Buckeye became the largest single Airlaid producer in the world.

On 1st of July 2002, the privately owned Finnish Anpap Oy started its international business. Long experience and deep understanding in both Airlaid process and mechanical engineering has created a base for long and close business relations globally. Our deliveries in Europe, North America and Asia includes several complete turn-key Airlaid lines, Airlaid pilot lines, diverse machine sections and numerous upgrade projects. Thanks to Anpap’s innovative thinking and constant development, our process solutions & devices represent the best the market currently has to offer.

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