Product applications

Airlaid product applications

Food and Cooking

•    Tabletop products (napkins, tablecloths, etc.)
•    Meat pads
•    Food wrappings
•    Cooking paper

Personal hygiene & beauty

•    Diapers & other incontinence products
•    Pads (wet & dry) for different uses
•    Masks
•    Oshibori towels


•    Bed, pillow & surgical sheets
•    Surgical robes, hats, shoes
•    Towels (wet & dry)
•    Washing gloves

House hold & Industrial

•    Filter elements
•    Wipes (wet & dry)
•    Fluid absorbents


•    Paper wraps & sheets for sensitive products
•    Seeding sheets for cultivation

Compared with normal wetlaid paper and tissue, airlaid is bulky, porous and soft product with good water absorption properties and high tensile strength, even when wet. Airlaid has basically no limits in which applications it can be used.

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